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In essence, bring your above-the-line cast, director, and you are ready to shoot! In and around our studios it is possible to create any location in Europe or the USA, with the exception of an ocean, desert or daytime "big city USA". Your above-the-line cast and personnel will find truly familiar surroundings, including first-rate hotels, transportation, entertainment and five-star catering.

There are three steps to follow:
  1. Send us a script. We will then prepare a budget based on your project schedule. Thereafter, jointly, we make adjustments based on your specific needs and finalise a "locked" contractual budget, schedule and specific dates.
  2. We send the "package" to our respective legal departments. Regardless where you are located, "the triangle" of the Czech Republic, Canada and your office will prepare all pertinent contractual documenatation for signatures.
  3. Subject to your requirements, we are able to secure a bond with one of the major bonding companies.
Studios and special effects
Should you prefer to produce your project yourself (or with another service company), we can provide any other combination of additional individual assistance that may be required, such as arranging preferential rates for film stock and processing, location services, additional specialized crew as required, individual bilingual assistants,etc. And certainly, our studio sound stages could also be available for rent at a fraction of the cost for comparable facilities anywhere in the world, with full use of our production offices at our studio. From small project requiring one stage, to a full studio shoot utilizing all five stages, it is all there for you.

Special effects, whether classic, digital or in combination, can be designed, produced and delivered to you at a quality second to none, and at a cost which would warm any producer's heart. Just ask us for a quote.