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The value of any project can, with our participation, be greatly enhanced. Our evalution of any such endeavor will consist of the viability of the screenplay and the appeal of other elements.

These could be significant cast attachments, a well-known director, partial financing and/or pre-sale agreements with bona fide buyers.

Our long-standing relationship with major banks and various investment houses in Canada and in the USA, along with our own financial resources, can finance (or co-finance) any such suitable project in less than 60 days.

We are experts at structuring international co-productions. Through utilization of various international treaties and their benefits, 12 of our many projects were structured as official coproductions.

By taking advantage of our home base in Canada, its treaties with numerous jurisdictions, and the European Union membership of the Czech Republic, the opportunities for two-way or three-way co-production structures are limitless. Our Canadian legal department can quickly advise you of co-production possibilities for your project.